Helping Personal Injury Victims
For Decades

Founded in 1971
Our firm offers the professional service and personal attention every injury victim deserves.

Helping Personal Injury Victims

Is Our Legacy

When someone negligently causes you harm, it is only right that you be compensated for that harm. If a careless driver crashes into you, or you were injured by unsafe conditions on private property, the burden to make up for that failure should not land on you. At Retacco Law Offices, Inc. P.S., we have been serving injured people like you for decades.


In Cases Like Yours

Founded in Federal Way in 1971, our firm has built a reputation for legal skill and client service. Vince Retacco created a practice focusing on serving the interests of injury victims. He was later joined by his daughters Becky and Wendy Retacco. We have won verdicts and settlements in a wide range of cases that helped our clients maximize their recovery. We handle all types of claims because every injury is deserving of our time and effort.

Service And Support

After An Accident

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer overseeing your case should give you peace of mind. For that to work, however, you need an attorney you can trust. You need someone who will answer your questions, watch out for you, and treat you with respect. Our business has succeeded for all these years because we have created a community of satisfied clients and peers who appreciate our professionalism and skill. When you work with us, you will soon understand why we’ve been successful for so long.