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The Help You Need From A Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm

Retacco Law Offices, Inc. P.S., provides professional legal services to clients throughout Washington who have been injured by a negligent or wrongful act of another person or business. All of your losses will be taken into account, including but not limited to pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment or consortium, transportation, medical and rehabilitation costs, future medical costs and loss of property.

Our list of personal injury representation scenarios includes:

If you’ve been injured by another’s negligence, we help you pursue compensation from the party (or parties) responsible for causing your injuries. Our attorney also advocates for you when insurance companies try to deny your claim or pay less than the claim is worth. In short, we fight to get you the compensation you deserve from those who are legally and financially liable.

More About Our History

Retacco Law Offices was formed in 1971, and it has been in the same Federal Way location since that time. We practice in all counties of Washington state; however, we have handled cases in Oregon, Nevada and Idaho as well. Since the firm’s inception in 1971, it has earned a stellar reputation in the legal community and among our clients.

The firm has handled auto accidents and other injury cases and claims that have resulted in verdicts and settlements of over $1 million, but we also handle many smaller claims. Every injury is deserving of our time and efforts.

Throughout the years, the firm has become well known for providing excellent legal services in a professional manner. Because of our reputation amongst our satisfied clients, medical professionals and other attorneys, we are able to rely heavily on positive referrals to direct new clients to our office.

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