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Were You Injured On Someone Else’s Property? We Can Help.

Property owners in Washington have a responsibility to others to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe and secure. This is true whether the property is a commercial business, private residence or government-owned public space.

If you were injured due to a dangerous condition or accident that occurred on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for your injuries. When you contact Retacco Law Offices, Inc. P.S., in Federal Way, you can speak to an experienced premises liability attorney for free about your rights and legal options after a premises liability accident.

What Makes A Premises Dangerous?

Common examples of injuries occurring on another’ s property include:

  • Slipping and falling at a supermarket due to an uncleaned spill on the floor
  • Tripping and falling on a cracked, uneven sidewalk that was not properly maintained by the property owner (or the local government)
  • Being bitten by an aggressive dog not properly restrained by the owner
  • Suffering a traumatic brain injury or other injury due to falling objects on private property
  • Being assaulted in a parking garage or parking lot because of inadequate security on the premises
  • Having a child become injured or even drown in a neighbor’s pool because the pool was left unsecured/unattended and constituted an “attractive nuisance” (a very tempting but dangerous hazard that children would be lured by)

When Is The Property Owner Liable In A Premises Liability Accident?

Every case is different and dependent upon context. But in general, property owners are more likely to be held liable if they knew (or should have known) about a dangerous condition but failed to address it in a timely manner or failed to warn others about it.

Consider a grocery store, for instance. If a customer slips and falls just a few minutes after another customer accidentally spills a drink, the store owners may be considered largely blameless. But if a customer slips and falls because a grocery store refrigerator has been consistently malfunctioning and leaking water onto the floor, the store’s liability is much clearer.

Frequently Asked Premises Liability Claim Questions

It can be difficult to determine if your injury qualifies for a premises liability claim. To help, we have provided answers to some common questions our clients ask in these cases.

What makes for a premises liability case?

Property owners need to make their premises safe; therefore, laws are in place to protect those injured on the property. Injuries due to slip-and-fall accidents, negligent security or other dangers are common. An attorney can investigate if the property owner fails to keep their premises safe. They can also find out if insurance coverage is available to pay for the costs of your injuries.

Should I obtain an attorney when it comes to my premises liability claim?

We advise you to seek the guidance of a skilled premises liability and personal injury attorney when suffering injuries on another’s property. An attorney can investigate what occurred, gather and organize evidence, and advocate for you in court. Experienced personal injury lawyers negotiate with insurance companies daily. Such experience provides them with insight on how to maximize your compensation.

Is the litigation process for a premises liability lawsuit lengthy?

There is no simple answer to this question because every claim is different. Some premises liability cases can prove extremely complex. But the sooner you retain an attorney and file a lawsuit, the more likely you will receive a speedy recovery.

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