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The serious hazard of left-turn motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents happen in many different ways, and they are all very dangerous for the riders. Even when a motorcyclist has a leather suit and a helmet, they’re not going to have as much production as someone in a car, who has airbags, a seatbelt, a steel frame and other safety devices. This means that motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured or killed in accidents with larger vehicles.

One of the most common ways that this happens is when another driver is waiting to turn left and accidentally turns in front of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist may not have time to stop the bike, and they will collide with the side panel or the door of the vehicle as it turns. This may not injure the people in that vehicle, but it can be fatal for the motorcyclist.

Couldn’t the motorcyclist swerve around the turning vehicle?

In some cases, yes, motorcyclists can avoid this crash. But they don’t have very many options.

After all, a vehicle that has turned left in front of a motorcycle is moving to the bike’s right. So if the biker tried to swerve toward the shoulder, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the crash. They would be going in the same direction.

But if the biker swerved to the left, that could be even more hazardous. That would take them into the oncoming traffic lanes, where they could be involved in a head-on collision with a vehicle traveling at highway speeds.

Seeking compensation

In other words, there are often no good options for a motorcyclist who has to make a decision in a split second. Those who have been injured or lost loved ones in these accidents must understand all of the legal steps they can take to seek compensation.