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Are there biases against motorcycle riders?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents |

There are a lot of unfortunate stereotypes regarding motorcycle riders, many of which do not reflect reality for the majority of these riders.

For instance, there are certainly some riders who will excessively break the speed limit, drive in areas where they’re not supposed to go, aggressively cut through traffic and much more. But a lot of car drivers will assume that this is how all motorcycle riders are when the reality is that most riders are careful, cautious and law-abiding.

How this can lead to a dispute

This sometimes leads to disputes about who was liable after an accident. Both sides may feel that the other person was responsible.

For example, a driver could pull out in front of a motorcyclist, cutting them off and causing an accident. The motorcyclist says that they had the right of way, so it was the driver’s negligent mistake that led to the crash.

But that driver claims that they did look for oncoming traffic and felt they had enough space to turn safely. They come to the conclusion that the motorcycle rider must have been speeding, therefore making them responsible for the accident. If they had been traveling at the correct speed limit, the turn would have been safe.

Who is right? The answer is going to be different from one case to the next. But it’s important not to let stereotypes or biases sway the process. Those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents must know about all of the legal options they have to seek financial compensation, and they need to know that the legal process is fair and just. That’s why it can sometimes help to work with an experienced legal team.